Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rolling Over

Ellie is now rolling over!! She rolled all the way over for the first time on Tuesday, and ever since then she hasn't stopped. Every time we put her down on the floor, she instantly rolls. It is so cute! The first time Ellie rolled all the way over and propped herself up all by herself, Jeremiah and I got so excited and I think a little too loud, it startled her and she started to cry. I'm pretty sure now she doesn't mind her fans cheering because she is all smiles when we get excited for her!

Ellie is not wasting anytime at all. Now that she has accomplished rolling over, she is very determined to learn how to scoot. This girl is on the go! She tries so hard to scoot. She has the leg pushing thing down, she is just trying to figure out what to do with her arms to make her go forward. Our little girl is already growing up way too fast.

Here is Ellie at 3 1/2 months with little piggy tails and a funny face!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cute Giggles!

Ellie loves to stand up now while you hold her....and she talks to you the whole time too....she'll even throw in a few giggles while she's at it! It's so cute! Enjoy =)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

lots of projects

Last weekend, Jeremiah was in Idaho having LOTS of fun with the boys. His work took all their employees to an extremely nice (5 star nice) resort called Tamarack Resort for the weekend. He had such an awesome time! They did so many fun things...I think his favorite part of the trip was the white water rafting (especially the riding the bull part). I'm glad he was able to go and have a fun weekend being outdoors and doing activities he doesn't get to do everyday....but Ellie and I did miss him a lot and were excited for him to be back home! Jer will have to post some pics of the place he stayed is beautiful. So while he was gone having tons of dad and I were having even more fun.......we painted our house! haha okay, so we weren't really having more fun than Jer, we were working really hard, especially my dad because I would take breaks to take care of Ellie, and he painted non stop and did the majority of it. Thanks dad, you are the best! The house looks soooo great!! What a difference a little paint can make. The house used to be blue...but not anymore!! Jeremiah came home to a new house and he loved it! He knew we were painting of course, but he hadn't seen it until he drove up. So that was fun! My mom went out and bought us some really pretty plants and flowers to put in our front yard to add some color....thanks mom! Jeremiah planted those and they look great! Now we just have to wait for them to grow and bloom and they'll look even better!

Another project in the works that Jeremiah and my brother are working on is building Jer's office. It is coming along great. They are almost finished, just a few more things to do. It will be so nice for Jeremiah to have his own space again to work, and not get distracted by Ellie...just kidding, I'm the one who really distracts him! (but I am getting better) = ) The first night the guys started working on the office, we had a slight set back. Jeremiah was pulling down some boards and one came right down on his head and the nail that was in the board gave Jer a nice big gash in the back of his head. So the night's work ended shortly due to a run down to the emergency room where Jer got lots of shots and 3 staples in the back of his head. Poor guy! He handled it like a champ, I was the one who was queasy and probably no help at all because I would pass out if I even looked at it. You would think having a baby would toughen me up a little bit! So these days are busy days for us, but we are enjoying the outcomes of all the hard work that is being put into each project and appreciate more than anything all the help my dad and brother have and are giving us!!
Here are a few recent pics of..... who else.... our Ellie girl! = )