Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're back.... : )

Woops! It has been a couple of months since I have updated our blog..and we have had some big events take place recently! So I'll do my best to post some pictures of each thing to catch you all up. (if anyone still checks this thing!)

Ellie turned ONE on April 30, and she had two super fun birthday parties!! She is such a big girl now! We can't even believe how grown up she is every time we look at her. She is such a sweet little thing and is SO full of energy (literally, never stops!) and is so stinkin funny, she's always making us laugh! Jeremy and I are having the time of our life raising our little Ellie. She is just too cute for words! Hope you enjoy the pics...there's lots of them!

Easter '09- first Easter egg hunt at church!
Ellie was a pro!

look at all my eggs!

hangin w/ cousin Ellie's look on her face!

Papa with his grandkids

(little peekers!)

daddy and his girl

Ellie's first birthday!!

(Ellie put the flame out with her finger!!...we'll never forget that one!)

Uncle Jimmy and Ells

huggin on cousin Kylee

birthday party #2!

and of course we had a winnie the pooh theme : )

hangin w/ her buds!

Ellie's Nana came up for her 1st birthday!

sitting in her princess chair

It's summer time!!

My precious little one year old! : )

silly girl!