Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sumner Family Christmas!

This last weekend, Jeremiah's family came to our house to celebrate Christmas and Chelsea's birthday! We were supposed to fly down 2 weekends ago to my mother-n-law's house and have an early Christmas there with her side of the family, but unfortunately Ellie got really really sick and we had to cancel our flights and stay home. We were so bummed because we were really looking forward to going down south to see our friends and family. After a week and a half of having a very sick baby, Ellie finally started to feel better and get some energy back and her appetite came back as well. So the family decided it would be better to travel up north to our home just in case Ellie was still feeling kind of yucky. It was so fun to have everyone here altogether for once!!! That rarely happens these days, so we were very grateful for that!
Here are a few pics from the weekend. We finally got a family picture, Yay!... but most of the time, the cameras (especially Nana's and Auntie Chelsea's) were busy taking pictures of little Ellie belly who stole the show the entire weekend. :-)
We love you Jan, Chelsea, Shayna and Kevin. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

the fam...of course Jer had to be silly!

Ellie loved playing with the confetti (is that what it's called?!)

playing with the kitchen toys Nana gave her

hmm..what else can I find in Auntie Chels' bag?

being's what they do best!

playing with Daddy

wearing Auntie Chelsea's beanie

stick that tummy out!

concentrating on watching her cartoon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November Fun!

it's winter time

my little soccer player

hanging out w/ KyKy

playing with my best buddy

I love my legos!

me and my Grammy

playing with cousin Clara

playing outside w/ my sticks!

Papa brought me a jamba juice to help me feel better