Monday, December 29, 2008

Ellie's first Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was especially great because we had our little Ellie with us! It was so much fun for Jeremiah and I to go shopping for Ellie's first Christmas presents! (even though she had no clue what was going on, hehe!) She loved tearing the wrapping paper off the presents and then playing with all her cool new toys she got from her Papa and Grammie and Aunt and Uncles. And Ellie wanted to say a special Thank you to her Nana for sending her the cutest clothes ever!
Ellie is at such a fun stage right now. She is becoming a little more independent and is able to play and entertain herself for longer periods of time. If this girl could be on her feet all day long, she would definitely prefer to be. She is a little walking machine. She pulls herself up on everything and will walk around in circles holding onto her toy or the couch or whatever it may be. She's even brave enough to attempt to let go of what she is holding onto and take a step to reach for one of us. She is crawling now, so I will be in the kitchen doing something then all of a sudden feel a tug on my leg and look down and there is Ellie....standing up holding onto my leg with a big smile on her face. It's so cute! Her favorite word to say is Da-Da! Jer is loving that! :) Ellie is now 8 months old! (officially tomorrow, the 30th) I guess what they say is true....time flies when you're having fun!

opening up a Christmas present!

I think she liked her talking ducky!

Ellie's new buggy!

our family Christmas pic

...should we have gone with this one instead?!

boo boo...with her hair in her eyes

big smile :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Picture Fest

It's been a little bit since my last I thought I would just put up a whole bunch of pictures of the last month or so. Ellie is now 7 months old!! She is keeping me quite busy these days, now that she can get around to wherever it is she wants to go, I have to keep a good eye on her. She is pulling herself up on anything she can get her hands on and loves to explore and study everything she finds. She is quite the little cutie! Jeremy and I are doing really good, we are getting so excited for Christmas to be here! I love this time of year! All of the Christmas decorations everywhere, spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the birth of just doesn't get any better than that! I am so excited that Ellie gets to celebrate her first Christmas this year, even though she is just a baby and won't really know what is going on....I am so thankful she is here with us!! :)

my family with Grandma Pickrell (my mom's mom)
(taken a couple months ago)

Ellie and Auntie Chelsea

Ellie loves to blow her cheeks's so funny!

take 1 for some Christmas photos

all the grandkids for Grammie and Papa's Christmas card

they are adorable!

piggy tails

just found this pic of Ellie from right after she was made me all teary remembering her sweet little face just staring up at me. Greatest moment ever!

...and now look at the big girl she is becoming!