Monday, October 27, 2008

First Solids!

Our little baby girl is now being introduced to solid foods!! Where is the time going??! I can't believe Ellie is old enough to be eating from a spoon! I waited as long as I possibly could to introduce solids to her, but we felt so bad because every time Jeremy or I would eat something, Ellie would just stare so intently at it and then try to grab it out of our hands and put it in her mouth. I guess that is a good sign she is ready huh?! So, when Ellie was a little over five months old, we slowly started to give her a little bit of rice cereal here and there, letting her become used to and comfortable with eating it and getting the feel for it. We did this for a few weeks. Then, yesterday was the Big Day! Ellie got to eat some real food with actual flavor!!! We gave her some sweet potatoes and she loved them! I was kind of nervous about it, but she ate them like a pro! She of course wanted to hold the spoon and feed herself (little miss independent) so together we would put the spoon in her mouth as she ate every single bite! I think Ellie was definitely ready and excited about tasting something so yummy! Jer and I had so much fun watching her cute little self eat like a big girl! =)

Here are a few pictures of Ellie in action!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Sweetheart

Here are a few of the latest pictures of Ellie. Thank goodness for digital cameras, or we would be seriously broke from all the film we would have to get developed. :)

Pretty in Pink

So happy and refreshed

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Morning

Ellie is so much fun to hang out with! As I was playing with her this morning, an overwhelming emotion of gratefulness hit me as I realized how blessed I am to be able to stay at home with Ellie everyday and raise our little girl. I am incredibly thankful for Jeremiah, for how hard he works to provide for our family and for all the time and love he pours into Ellie every spare minute that he has. He was just telling me how there is no better feeling than when he looks over at Ellie and she smiles so big at him first! She is such a happy little girl and is learning and doing new things every is mind boggling how fast babies learn and pick up on things. The other day, I had to walk Ellie around the whole house, holding her hands as she walked, because she just wanted to GO. She didn't want to sit and play with her toys anymore, she was over her jumpy swing and saucer, she just wanted to move. I thought that was super cute.....until we were done and I tried to stand up straight afterwards from being bent over for so long. :) It was worth it though, to see her bright and smiley face shine as we walked into the room to show dad what a big girl she was.....I think it's safe to say, we had one very proud 5 month old at that moment!

do i have to smile?!

I'd rather play with mom's phone

little cutie

classic Ellie face

you got me! I'll give you your phone back now

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lady Bug

Our little lady bug is now sitting up all by herself!!

They are too cute!

I Love this one...