Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AND SHE'S OFF........

A few of Ellie's favorites right now:
*walking all over the place
*dancing...and she rocks out! (possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!)
*reading her books
*going on walks...(LOVES to be outside)
*going to play at Papa and Grammie's house
*playing with her cousins
*getting into EVERYTHING she shouldn't!
*watching the price is right and wheel of fortune
*eating crackers and cheerios all by herself
*climbing all over mommy and daddy
*playing "I'm gonna get you!"
*giving kisses
*clapping her hands
*giving "fives"
*taking everything out of whatever it's in
*looking in the mirror
*talking and laughing

Friday, February 6, 2009

9 months old!

Here are a few super cute pictures of Ellie that I took this morning while she was playing in her room. She was giving me some great smiles, so I wanted to share them with you too!!
**a little side note**
Ellie has been trying to walk all by herself this last week...and yesterday she took 4 steps! I couldn't believe it. She gets the biggest smile on her face as she takes her little steps, it's really cute! :)

Ellie enjoying the sunshine