Saturday, September 27, 2008

Growing up

~Ellie is growing up so fast. Jeremiah and I can't believe that our precious little baby who we brought home from the hospital.... this tiny little six pound bundle of joy who could fit in our hands, is now turning into this adorable little girl who smiles and laughs at you, jumps up and down in her jumpy swing, screams when she gets excited, and holds your face while giving you kisses. Where did time go? I was just looking through all of our pictures of Ellie, from when the time she was born until our most recent ones, and I cannot even believe how much she has grown and changed in these 5 months. Time is going by so fast! Buuut, there are those days (like the ones right after she gets her shots, which was 2 weeks ago) where it seems like time is in slow motion and just barely creeping by....but you get through it and when you look back, it was another week that came and went and before you know it, you're now starting a new month! This is crazy!!

sweet baby

Ellie's new thing...grabbing her feet and putting them in her mouth

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tahoe! could say we had a pretty eventful weekend this past weekend. Friday evening, Jeremy flew down for a quick trip to LA for a good friend's wedding that was on saturday....(Ellie and I weren't able to go which we were really bummed out about, because we would have gotten to see Nana and Aunt Chelsea and tons of Jeremy's friends)... But we had another good friend that was getting married on Sunday evening in Tahoe the same weekend, so Ell and I picked up Jer at the airport Sunday morning and we drove straight from there up to Tahoe for wedding #2. The super fun part about this was that not only were we taking our "first real family trip" but we got to go see and stay with my best friend Jenny and her husband Ryan who live in Tahoe....and they just happened to live right across the street from the wedding location we were going to. Awesome! We had such a great time hanging out with our friends, both in LA and in Tahoe, and were so proud of Ellie because she did so great!! She loved being outside and looking around at everything (it was so beautiful up there) and had so much fun playing with Auntie Jenny and Uncle RyRy. Jeremiah was pretty exhausted because he had a really busy weekend, but we were really glad he was able to make it to both weddings because he didn't want to miss either one of them. AND, we finally got ALOT of family pictures of the 3 of us!!!! It's about time!! Also, Jeremiah's birthday was on Monday and he turned 27! Wow, he's getting old. : ) So we got to celebrate his birthday there too! Here are some pics....
Ellie chillin in the sling

Auntie Jenny

Hanging out with Dad

our family

(outside the reception...what a view!)

Momma and baby

on our way home...precious baby!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm 4 months old!

Here are ALOT of pictures of's just too hard to choose only a few when they are all so cute, so i'll just have to post them all! = )

we had a little photo session out in our front yard this morning....

And here's a picture of mom and dad (dad always does a goofy face for pictures).....we still have yet to get a picture of the three of us. That will be our next goal!