Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun at the park!

Yesterday, Ellie and I headed over to the park to meet up with her cousins and some friends. It was super fun to watch all the kids play together. I told my dad to bring the little tricycle Ellie likes to ride because I was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to do much, being she is only 6 1/2 months old. But Ellie LOVES to be outside and when you have some cute little faces there to entertain her too, she is one happy camper! So she rode the little tricycle around while someone pushed her, which is absolutely hysterical to watch! As soon as I put her on the seat, she instantly grabs onto the handlebars and starts swinging her's so cute! They had little baby/kid swings there, so we put Ellie in the swing and I had no idea if she was going to be way too small or if she would not like it at all, but she loved it! I couldn't believe she was big enough to swing at the park! (I know I totally sound like a first time mom right now, every "first" is such a big deal!) I definitely had to take a video of Ellie swinging to show her dad, because he would be just as proud!
Okay, here are some pictures from the park. It has been SO beautiful outside, we have to take advantage of this weather before it gets all cold and rainy out.

our little racer

Ellie sports the piggy tails now

Grammy, Ellie, Halle and Kylee

our buddy Hayden

Bubba sticking his tounge out at Auntie

sweet little ZoZo

Ellie swinging for her first time

My favorite picture...look at those eyes!

little boo-boo

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


.....I think we're in trouble!!!

Ellie is six months old now! Everytime I look at her I can't help but think, "how did she become this little person so fast?" I know I say this alot, but time is flying by! She is trying to pull herself up on things now (as you can see in the picture above) and can get around by scooting and rolling over and over. It's pretty funny. Ellie makes us laugh so much! She is a little spitfire! And she says MOMMA!!! I'm not even kidding you! I couldn't believe it when I heard her say it for the first time! Jeremy was out of town on a business trip so he didn't hear her say it until I was talking to him on the phone and I put Ellie down and she started to cry and say momma momma. He was all, "No Way!" It was pretty funny.

Here are a few cute pictures of Ellie just hangin out and playing on the floor.

First Halloween

This was the first Halloween that Jeremiah and I have actually gotten excited about in a long time. We are not the biggest fans of this day, but now that we have a little one, it makes it alot more exciting and fun because we get to dress Ellie up in a super cute costume! I do have to admit though... I did wait until the very last second to find her a costume and it barely made it here on time,(since we ordered it online) so next year I will definitely be a little more prepared and start planning out costume ideas sooner than 3 days before Halloween! oops!
Ellie was the cutest little panda bear I've ever seen and we had so much fun going to the church harvest festival and meeting up with Ellie's cousins, who by the way were absolutely adorable!
Before we headed over to the church, we stopped by my Nana and Papa's house so they could see Ellie in her costume and also my uncles were in town visiting, so we got to see them too!! It was a really fun night...and so fun to see all the cute little kids dressed up in their adorable costumes!

our cute little panda bear

Ellie and Papa

Ellie with her cousins...
Cooper the elephant, Kylee is Cinderella and Zoey is Tigger