Friday, May 28, 2010

The Latest...

So as you may know, Ellie's first language is Japanese! hehe! You think I'm kidding?! Come on over and listen to her talk! :) Ellie talks non-stop from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep, and everyone who hears her always comments on how much it sounds like she is speaking in Japanese. It has just been in the last month or so that she has really started to say words (in English) that we can understand (besides mama, dada, papa etc.) and now she is saying tons of new words and phrases every day! Don't get me wrong, we love hearing her speak her own little language and carry on full on conversations with us, in which we have NO idea what she is talking about...but I must say, it is so nice to be able to understand her now and give her a response back that actually relates to what she is saying! She probably thought every time I would say something back to her, "mom, that had noooothing to do with what I just told you" haha!

I am absolutely loving this age right now where Ellie is really starting to talk and understand things, and her interest in everything around her is so much fun! I love how every little thing is the BIGGEST deal and makes her face light up. --example-- spotting the moon in the sky makes her little self full of joy and she shouts to everyone "look!" "moon!", or seeing a firetruck drive by makes her jump up and down and she waves to it like crazy until she can't see it anymore then tells it "see ya!". I love watching Ellie learn and discover and explore new things every day. She is so much fun! Can you tell that I might be just a liiiittle bit obsessed with this little girl?!?! ;-)

Here are some cute pics from this last month...

enjoying the warm weather


cutie pie

"another picture mom?"

she picked out her outfit this day :)

loving on her baby

reading to baby Leah (I watch her 2 days a week) Ellie LOVES her! Thank you Lord!

picking up Bubba from Sunday School

working in the yard with Nana!

she put Nana to work! :)

pile up on Papa!

Now Grammy's turn!

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